Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Dakota Apparitions 2 -- The River"

"Dakota Apparitions 2 - The River" And Other Short Stories by Laurel L. Burke
Published April 2009
This is my second collection of short fictional , somewhat spooky stories. I'm really proud the way this book turned out and the stories themselves. I learned alot from publishing my first book, and this collection is quite an assortment from my strange imagination! The final touch to this creation are the wonderfully sketched pictures by Shelli F. Jacobson, a.k.a my best friend! I really think you will enjoy this!
"The River" -- Trevor goes in search of a long, lost grandfather living along the Missouri River near the Lower Brule Indian Reservation. He discovers his grandfather has a "talent" and learns just what happens to people who drown in the river.
"A Ten Dollar Bill" -- Homeless Donald watches a ten dollar bill float to earth days before Christmas, and after he spends it, the bill has an impact on every person to touch it, eventually bringing strangers together on Christmas.
"Nothing Wasted" -- A well known convenience store, popular for homemade hotdogs and brats, has a recipe they can never share.
"The House On The Corner" -- Kind old Mr. Rosa has killed his wife in the little stucco house on the corner. When twelve year old Brandon has friends spend the night, one of them brings a Ouija board to call on dead Mrs. Rosa.
"Unexpected" -- Life is fragile and very unpredictable in this short story of a mother and her two children.
"Aw, Rats!" -- A homeless man discovers it's not always safe to seek shelter from the cold in an abandoned old house. (This story won an Honorable Mention in the Writers' Journal Magazine.)
"Baldwin O'Hara" -- A blizzard hits SD on Halloween, and in an attempt to entertain teenage boys at the annual Grover Halloween party, Michelle Grover and her best friend pretend to hold a seance with the boys, calling forth a mythical character taken from a story off the internet. Little did they know of the terrifying night they would face. (One of my favorites! I had fun writing this one!!)
"Happenstance" -- Christmas break is over and on the way back to college in the dead of night, Brad collides with a large Whitetail buck. He realizes he is without a phone, the car won't start, and the deer is still alive...
"Gimme" -- Teenagers and Halloween again in this cat-and-mouse story of a demanding stalker.
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  1. I received this book as a gift and found it totally mesmerizing! I've only read the first four stories so far and can attest that they are superb! I plan to fiinish the book by bed time. I heartily recommend this to all readers interested in the spooky/weird side of tale telling!